CommonPlace ultimately considers all 510 million citizens of the twenty-eight member states of the current European Union as its indirect audience. Although we are an optimistic lot, this audience may prove slightly too ambitious to directly target during the three-year grant period. Instead we have decided to reach the public by targeting four distinct target direct audiences: educators, policy-makers, news media and the tourism and heritage industries. Through these direct audiences, we aim to reach indirectly the much larger and more diverse communities served by them.

Multiple direct audiences. Recognising the diversity of the public is the key to successful outreach, and one of the main reasons why CommonPlace is divided into three equal tracks: Technology, Academic Content and Communication & Outreach. Making communication and outreach an independent component signals our determination to reach out far beyond academic and other specialist communities of expertise. Academics typically are reasonably well aware of shared European identities. The communication and outreach track is focussed on using intermediate direct audiences to help connect in a variety of ways with our highly diverse indirect audience. Since communicating with these four direct audiences in multiple countries in three years remains a daunting task, CommonPlace intends to work first and foremost through umbrella organisations who distribute material to their members.

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